Luxury BMW Cars Under $50,000 For City Driving


Introducing Luxury BMW Cars under $50,000 for City Driving


Slide into luxury with the BMW 2 Series. Sleek design, powerful performance, and affordable price, perfect for city driving.


The BMW 3 Series offers elegance and sportiness, making it a top choice for urban dwellers seeking luxury at an affordable price.


Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with the BMW 4 Series. Drive through city streets with confidence and sophistication.


The BMW 5 Series combines luxury and practicality, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride for city dwellers who crave refinement.


Elevate your city driving experience with the BMW 6 Series. Unmatched luxury, cutting-edge technology, all within a budget-friendly range.


The BMW X1 is the perfect compact SUV for city driving. Enjoy the versatility of an SUV without compromising on luxury and price.


Effortlessly navigate city streets with the BMW X3. Compact yet spacious, it offers the perfect blend of luxury and functionality.


The BMW X4 combines the versatility of an SUV with the sportiness of a coupe, making it an ideal choice for urban adventurers.


Drive in style and luxury with the BMW X5. Spacious, powerful, and under $50,000, it's the perfect companion for city exploration.