Electric Teslas Under $50,000


Electric Teslas under $50,000


Introducing the future of affordable electric cars: Teslas under $50,000! Get ready to experience luxury and sustainability without breaking the bank.


Model 3 Standard Range: Packed with advanced features and a sleek design, this Tesla model offers a range of 263 miles on a single charge.


Model Y Standard Range: This compact SUV is perfect for those who crave versatility. With a range of 244 miles, you can explore with ease.


Model S Standard Range: Enjoy the ultimate luxury sedan experience with a range of 285 miles. This Tesla offers unmatched style and performance.


Model X Standard Range: Want an electric SUV that turns heads? Look no further! The Model X offers a range of 258 miles and plenty of space.


Long Range options: Upgrade to the Long Range versions of these models for extended ranges of up to 353 miles, perfect for road trips!


Supercharging network: With Tesla's extensive Supercharger network, recharging your electric Tesla is quick and convenient, so you can keep exploring.


Tesla Autopilot: Experience the future of driving with Tesla Autopilot, which assists with steering, braking, and more for a safer journey.


Join the electric revolution and own a Tesla today! With prices under $50,000, you can enjoy luxury, sustainability, and a thrilling driving experience.