Can buy here pay here garnish wages?

Can buy here pay here garnish wages?

Can buy here pay here garnish wages?

Buying a car from a dealership means working with a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer will not garnish your wages for non-payment on a car.

In fact, the contract a reputable dealership writes with you says that you cannot be garnished for non-payment on the car. The dealer may try to sue you, but I would bet that they’re smarter than that and won’t gamble with your money.

Purchasing a vehicle from a buy-here, pay-here lot should be considered an option of last resort for a number of reasons.

While there certainly are cases where such a transaction can benefit both the buyer and the dealer, there are far more situations where the odds are stacked against the buyer.

Buy here pay here is the legal name of a business that sells vehicles on the spot and uses the buyers’ income as a method of payment. It’s become very popular in the past few years, particularly with people that have bad credit scores.

The benefit of buy here pay here dealers is that they finance customers with low credit scores, and still use their income to pay the bills.

This is the most common way for people to take their vehicle back from the financing company. If you are in this situation, contact the finance company and tell them you have a family emergency and that you need to take the vehicle back.

When you settle the account, keep in mind that you may have to pay a little more than you owe because they may add a fee for payment plan cancellation and/or repossession.

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Can buy here pay here garnish wages?

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